Electric Vehicle Charging Service User App

We are making EV charging more easier.

This is an application designed for electric vehicle drivers.
Focus on helping drivers quickly find a charging station and complete charging, combined with the business goals of the commercial team.


Feb. 2020 - Aug. 2020

My Role

- Define Features and User Flows
- Cooperation With Stakeholder, RD
- UI design


- Balancing business and product purpose.
- The user behavior of EV charging.

Scope of Services

How to Charge

This product is committed to providing a friendly charging service for EV drivers. We explored the driver’s charging journey, trying to make charging more convenient and tracking the status at any timen. In this product, we must consider the hardware limitations of the charging station and the interaction with the management console and installation program.


User App / Web

Users can use the App to find charging stations and track the status of charging. If the user do not registered the app, the charging and tracking status can also be used through the webpage.

Web Console

The owners and administrators of the site can instantly view the status of all chargers in the web console, and can easily set prices, view statistical revenue and analyze usage data.

Installer Panel

The installer of the charging station can start the installation according to the webpage, and automatically notify the site administrator after the installation is completed.

How We Start


We brainstormed the behavior of electric car drivers and referenced competitors' apps to help us define the key functions of MVP. Due to limited time and budget, it is not the goal to have extensive discussions or develop the perfect solution, but to make quick decisions and be able to take strategic actions.


Definition of Users

User Needs and Opportunities

In order to empathize with the users, we created the persona and user journeys, which are based purely on experience and assumptions. These serve as a starting point to reflect on the needs and challenges of the user and possible solutions that can be considered later in building the information architecture.


EV Driver

- User opens Google Maps to find a charging station nearby.
- Drive to charging location and start charging.
- Wait for charging and drive away after fully charged.


User Journey and Key Features

Finding a charging station of Noodoe, quickly starting charging, and tracking the charging status are the main tasks for EV drivers.
We identify pain points during the journey, define key functions to make the charging behavior smoother, and make improvements after collecting user feedback and combining business goals.


What have we done

After cooperating with the previous designer to complete the MVP, I continued to optimize the features, including more commercial purposes, such as supporting more different models, helping users to find suitable charging locations easier, planning subscription and discounts to increase revenue, etc.


Charging Map

Drivers can set their own preferences to find Noodoe or other brand chargers and check the status of available charging stations.


Pricing Mode

With the needs of business and customers, we found that the pricing model needs to be more diversified. According to the setting of the web console, users can see the current price before charging.


Member Subscription

Based on business model, drivers can subscribe and pay a monthly fee to get cheaper charging price. The subscription will be automatically charged by the system and the user will be notified when a problem occurs.


Friendly Charge

We found that other brands need to download App to charge, which is a pain point for users. We have developed a web version that allows users to charge directly without an App. But we only provide a simple charging function to keep the App unique and necessary.

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