Electric Vehicle Charging Service Web Console

We are making driving and charging management more reliable.

A charging service system designed for electric vehicles, including suggesting a charging journey for drivers, helping managers to monitor the charging status, and planning the installation SOP to make charging station operations more convenient. This product includes the overall service design from the end user's charging App, web console for administrator, and the maintenance app.


May. 2019 - Aug. 2020

My Role

- Define Functions and Flows of the Management System
- Cooperation With Stakeholder, RD
- Create user flow and UI design


- Research on foreign markets.
- The user behavior of the service system.

Brand and strategy

Target Groups

By brainstorming and prioritizing brand attributes in various categories. We chose "Hotel" and "Shopping mall" as the first target groups and corporate goals. Because time and budget are limited, it is not the goal to have extensive discussions or develop the perfect solution, but to make quick decisions and be able to take strategic actions.


Definition of Users

User Needs and Opportunities

In order to empathize with the users, we created the persona and user journeys, which are based purely on experience and assumptions. These serve as a starting point to reflect on the needs and challenges of the user and possible solutions that can be considered later in building the information architecture.


EV Site Owner

- Find more revenue opportunities.
- Easily installation and management of charging stations.
- Improve customer relationships.


User Journey and Opportunities

For managers, how to install chargers, manage charging status, and charging station business models are all challenges.
We try to identify pain points and opportunities, and definfe key functions to help managers manage the charging status, and plan and install SOPs to make charging operations more convenient.


Scope of Services

Charging Services

The product is committed to providing a more friendly charging service for EV driving, and helping the owner of charging station to define its business model, and tracking its charging status and cost to maintain a healthy business.


User App / Web

Users can use the App to find charging stations and track the status of charging. If the user do not registered the app, the charging and tracking status can also be used through the webpage.

Web Console

The owners and administrators of the site can instantly view the status of all chargers in the web console, and can easily set prices, view statistical revenue and analyze usage data.

Installer Panel

The installer of the charging station can start the installation according to the webpage, and automatically notify the site administrator after the installation is completed.

What have we done

After team discussion, we found that increasing revenue is the motivation for site owners to install charging stations. Therefore, easy viewing of revenue and tracking of charging status will be key functions, which will make stores willing to try to get involved in this new business.

Charging Status and Statements

Site owner can track monthly revenue report, statements, revenue analysis, and the detail information of each charging session.


Membership Management

The administrator can send different discount links to customers via SMS. After receiving the link, customer can install the membership discount into their EV app and get free/discount charging sessions.


Pricing Mode

The pricing page allows managers to adjust the pricing rules based on different billing modes, model types, or peak/regular times. The pricing rule will be displayed in the user app to notify the user.


User Management

The manager can view all registered members, and view their charging history and membership plan. If necessary, the manager can also switch up or down the user's membership level.


Multi-level Management

This was designed to be customized with different levels of accounts for different types of customers, such as co-branding partners, headquarters, and site owners.

Installation Process

This is a tool that guide the electricians installing a EV charger step by step. It also helps owner tracking the whole installation process on the web page.


Consistency in future design

UI Style Guides

UI design is developed through design goals and functional iterations. After that, I created the first version of the style guide to ensure the consistency of future designs.


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