Model Fundraising

Buy virtual currency to help online creators.

A web sponsored platform for online creators who want to help their dream come ture. Sponsors can use virtual currency to help online creators, then save or transfer currency to get relevant discounts or news. It is a platform for sponsors and creators to mutually benefit and show themselves.


Sep. 2019 - Oct. 2019

My Role

- Define User Flows
- Collaborate with designers
- RWD web UI design

Business and strategy


Fans usually support idols by purchasing related peripheral products or simply giving money. We hope to provide a more highly interactive platform, so that creators, performers, or sports teams can be exposed by the platform or members' recommendations. Users can purchase the corresponding virtual currency, and continuously track and decide to add currency or transfer back to platform currency to support creators. Creators can also share the latest developments or rewards for activities with fans, making supporters and creators more mutually beneficial.


Definition of Users

User Needs and Opportunities

In order to empathize with the users, we created the persona and user journeys, which are based purely on experience and assumptions. These serve as a starting point to reflect on the needs and challenges of the user and possible solutions that can be considered later in building the information architecture.




Key Features

After discussing the goals with the customer, we defined the key functions required in the first stage, which will be the core value of the initial stage of the product.

Help Online Creators Get Early Development Funding

The early income of online creators is unstable. After passing the platform review, they can better expose themselves here. In the future, they may allow members to recommend creators to create a shared fundraising platform.

Safe Currency Transfer and Trading

After purchasing virtual currency, you can retain or transfer the currency according to your preferences, and you can also exchange it for the actual gifts provided by the platform.

Mutual Benefit of Fans and Creators

Fans can support their favorite creators, and get relevant member benefits and follow-ups. Creators share their careers and get their fans to actually engage and interact.

What have we done

Based on the defined MVP, we clearly guide the transaction steps in the process, which can make users feel safe. At the same time, illustrations are used in the design to make users feel relaxed, and these illustrations correspond to the vivid style of online creators.


Discover and Interact with Artistsp

View creators ’activities or comment interactions, and donate their fundraising plans by purchase virtual currency. The mobile web puts the purchase button at the bottom, which is convenient for users to purchase virtual currency and plans.


Buy Virtual Currency of Creators You liked

Scrollbar to drag and drop to display the plan, prompting the amount of purchase plan to pay, and the virtual currency can be exchanged. You can use a credit card or Apple Pay / Google Pay.


Transfer Virtual Currency Any Time

The purchased virtual currency can be transferred back to the platform currency or purchased another creators' plan, and the exchange rate will be prompted when the exchange.

Friendly UIs

It is presented on the fundraising homepage, thank you page and other pages with illustrations to enhance the liveliness of the platform and echo the creative style of online creators.


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