Easily schedule and share your trips.

I launched a project for a quick solution for myself.
The theme of this plan is that the pains of my friends when traveling, most of which are troublesome for them to arrange a trip, so I plan a solution and try to help travelers solve the problem.


Mar. 2020

My Role

- Find out Problems and Soluctions
- Define Product Functions and User Flows
- UI design

How I Start


Before you start traveling, planning your trip may be exciting, but it can also be troublesome. You need to book air tickets, check out sightseeing spots, arrange transportation, and more. You may also want to co-edit with friends and view itineraries on the go. Now I want to make these things simple and make trip easier.


Definition of Users Journey

User Needs and Opportunities

In order to empathize with the users, I created the user journeys and mapping, which are based purely on experience and assumptions. These serve as a starting point to reflect on the needs and challenges of the user and possible solutions that can be considered later in building the information architecture.


Key Features

After converging the requirements in user journey mapping, I defined the key functions required in the first stage, which will be the core value of the initial stage of the product.

Make Trip Planning Easier

Automatically arranges the best route and displays the time required for transportation. You can also write down notes to bring all the information together here.

Co-edit, Share and Download

When traveling with multiple people, the schedule can be shared or downloaded without worrying about network issues.

Trip Inspiration

If you have no inspiration for trip attractions, you can see how others play and plan their trips. When you finish your trip, you can also make your trip public to other users.

What have I done

According to the defined functions, I quickly create UI designs of these functions to express the actual flow of this solution.


Easily Add Where You Want to Go

Search or refer to popular places. The best route will be automatically arranged after adding the attractions. If necessary, you can adjust the order yourself.


Smart Calculation of Travel Time

The travel time between two destinations can be calculated automatically, you can switch between different modes of transportation to choose how to get there.


Step by Step

Step-by-step guides you through creating basic information for your trip, including settings for location, time, budgets, and more.

Keep Your Budget and Notes

The budget is something that travelers care about. You can add budget and notes to the attractions, and we will calculate and display your total budget balance.


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