Electric Vehicle Charging Service

About The Product

A charging service system designed for electric vehicles, including suggesting a charging journey for drivers, helping managers to monitor the charging status, and planning the installation SOP to make charging station operations more convenient.
This product includes the overall service design from the end user's charging App / webpage, web console for administrator, and the maintenance app.

  • Research on foreign markets.
  • Definition of service system usage behavior.

May. 2019 - Now

My Role
  • Cooperation With UX, PM, RD
  • Define the Flow of the Management System
  • Define Product Functions and Flows of Maintenance and Service Web Pages
  • Create Product UI Design
  • Product Illustration and Icon Design

Smart Charging
Makes Driving and Charging Management More Amazing

Electric vehicles are becoming more prevalent, and solutions for car charging are even more important. When the car evolves from traditional refueling to charging, waiting for charging and finding a charging station become important; For managers, the charging status, data analysis and business model of the charging station are also a challenge.
Therefore, we try to create overall charging services, such as suggesting charging journeys for drivers, helping managers to manage the charging status, and planning the installation SOP to make charging more convenient.

The product is currently confidential and needs the password to unlock.