About The Product

FinStep is named after the combination of "Fintech" and "Step by Step". Product customers are petty office workers who often want to pay attention to the wealth management projects they are interested in. They may not be able to check the status of prices when they are at work or they may not have the help of a financial manager. FinStep has designed a personalized, intuitive financial alarm clock for petty office workers to help track real-time prices.

  • Side project.
  • Questionnaires and interviews, definition of Persona and solution design methods.

Aug. 2018 - Sep. 2018

My Role
  • Problem insights and find out solutions.
  • Define user needs.
  • Define user flows, wireframes.
  • Design iOS app UI.
  • Prototyping.
  • App illustration and icon design.

An Alarm Clock That Makes Financial Management Easier

This is a Side Project that comes from its own experience. For a small capitalist who is not sensitive to numbers, it is obvious that he wants to invest but is also afraid of trouble and that the data is difficult to understand.
When I felt my confusion, I began to ask like friends around me, and found that young office workers often encountered many problems when investing, such as being unable to check at work, too much trend information to read, easy to be ignored by financial managers, etc. .
Therefore started an investigation and tried to come up with a designed solution.

Interview with Friends

“ Everyone ’s situation is different and needs to be personalized. ”

Technology Industry
Boy, 28 years

“ I hope there is a platform or tool that can bring together the investment information I want to see. ”

Technology Industry
Girl, 29 years

“ Financial instruments terms are sometimes too complex and require more clarity. ”

Service Industry
Girl, 31 years

User Research

12 Girls / 10 Boys


Mode 28
Average 32.73

Total Funds for Financial Management

Less than 50,000: 31.8%
50,000 to 100,000: 27.2 %

Current or Tried Financing Method

Main: Stocks, Funds, Foreign currencies
Minor: Futures, Gold, Bonds, Insurance, ETF

Problem or Pain Point of Financial Management

No.1: Afraid of losing money.
No.2: Don't know when to buy/sell.
No.3: Cannot tracking any time, Need suggestions.

We defined petty office workers with 25 to 35 client groups, and classified the three major pain points, and decided that the goal of MVP was to resolve "cannot follow at any time".
Fear of losing money, buying / selling advice, financial allocation advice, etc., because more careful data analysis is needed, it will be carried out after the investigation at a later stage.

Function Definition

Target Users

Petty bourgeoisie who wants to invest freely.

Key Features

Easy to use and without thinking.

User Goals

1. Invest different financial.

2. Any time to add, change or delete financial.

3. Customize the timing of entry and exit criteria and automatically Reminder of entry and exit timing.

Key Features

1. Automatic finance tracking.

2. Integration of stock, futures, foreign currency and gold.

3. Automatic Reminder of entry and exit timing.


1. On the way to work and meetings.

2. Before going to work in the morning.

3. When receiving a reminder.

Key Features

1. Clear classification and stable connection

2. Easily to see information and browse quickly.

3. Clear information at a glance.

Integrate 4 Financial Managements

There are four types of alarm clocks: stock, futures, foreign currency, and gold. Multiple alarm clocks can be created under the type.

Set Reminder Time

Each financial alarm clock can set conditions, and automatically tracks by the system and alerts users when conditions are met.

Alarm Switch

You can turn off the alarm when you do not want to receive a reminder. You can still view the real-time price when you enter the app, but there is no reminder.

Real-time Information

Every time you open the App to update the real-time price, you can also press the update button to update the status.

Goals of Product

Clear Information

Information and design must be calm and concise and guide users with as easy to understand and detailed instructions as possible.

Make More Fun

The interface is supplemented with illustrations in a timely manner to balance the seriousness of financial management with fun and reduce the anxiety of unfamiliar financial management.

Quickly View to Your Investment

Classified by financial category, clear alarm clock items are presented. Use the color to distinguish the on and off states of the alarm clock, and quickly identify the ups and downs with the color.

Easy to Create Alarm Clock

Clearly indicate the status before selecting a financial management item, and display trend information after selection. Keep the trend information consistent with the content of the cards in the list and maintain visual consistency.

Friendly Illustration

Use illustrations with text to guide steps or instructions. These can improve understanding and make users more patient.