Smart Scooter Rental

About The Product

A smart scooter rental service. Travelers can choose a scooter to rent and ride near the MRT station.
The smart scooter rental is different from the traditional rental. It can give travelers a sense of stability without having to navigate to find a scooter, because the rental station is near the MRT, and the trouble of traditional rental is also avoided.

This product includes the overall service design of user app to customer service and maintenance app.

  • Product Specifications From 0 to 1
  • Service Design of the Overall Operation and Rental System
  • Communication With Partner Companies

Oct. 2019 - Dec. 2019

My Role
  • Communicate and Understand Customer Needs
  • Cooperation With PM, RD, QA
  • Define Persona, Service Blueprint
  • Define Product Functions, Architecture, and User Flows
  • Create UI design for User App
  • App Illustration and Icon Design

Smart Scooter Rental
Makes Travelling More Convenient

For the petty bourgeoisie who takes public transportation to travel, scooter becomes a convenient transportation, but traditional rental often brings some annoyances, such as prior inquiry and evaluation, fear of unknown prices, shortening travel time, etc.
We try to turn the idea that the scooter is only a tool in travel, the scooter can also become part of the travel experience and it is also a solution to reach a balance between scooters and environmental pollution.
In the future, we expect to expand business scopes, such as office workers who are expected to ride scooters but cannot buy and maintain their scooters.

The product is currently confidential and needs the password to unlock.