EV Charging Service

Management console used by managers to manage services.


2019 May - 2020 Aug

My Role

Product Designer


Define Features, UX & UI design



A charging service system designed for electric vehicles, helping managers to manage the charging service, and planning the installation SOP to make charging station operations more convenient.


We have planned the necessary management functions, such as price setting, charging history, and revenue dashboard. This makes the managers feel trust and we also increased the number of customers.


I worked closely with Stakeholders, project manager and engineers. I was responsible for the entire UX and UI design, from defining the festures to deliver the final mockups.


We must understand and design a management system that is convenient for site owner and managers to use.


Charging Service

This product focused on providing management for EV charging managers. In this product, we must consider the hardware limitations of the charging station and the interaction with the user app and installation program.

EV scope
Management Console

The owners and managers of the site can instantly view the status of all chargers in the web console, and can easily set prices, view statistical revenue and analyze usage data.
In the early stage, most of the businesses that tried to cooperate with us were hotels and shopping malls.

EV scope


Definition of Users

To empathize with the managesr, we asked the salesperson about the needs and imagination of the site owner to create the persona and journey. These can be used as a starting point to reflect user needs and challenges.

1. Easy viewing of revenue and tracking of charging status are the key functions.

We found that increasing revenue is the motivation for site owners to install charging stations, so reliable and simple operation is very important, which will make them willing to keep involved in this new business.

Owner Persona

2. Journey to Key Features

We defined the required functions from the journey to ensure that the installation, payments, checking the charging status and revenue are all easy to use, and make improvements based on feedback or business goals.

Owner Journey
Goal & Defination

We first completed the basic services of the charging, including dashboard, charging status, price setting, etc.
After discussing with customers, we implemented advanced functions such as user management and permissions to make the service more commercial.


Helping managers easily check revenue and monitor the charging status.


The following are the design principles of this console, and I created the first version of the style guide to ensure consistency in future designs.


Managers need to check each content carefully, the interface we provide should be concise and clear, and the wording we use should be consistent and easy to understand.


Managers have no much time to manage and are not good at digital tools. The functions we provide should minimize operations so that they can easily accomplish their tasks.

UI Style
What Have We Done
1. Charging Status and Statements

Site owners and managers can track monthly revenue report, statements, revenue analysis, and the detail information of each charging session.

EV dashboard

2. Pricing Mode

The pricing page allows managers to adjust the pricing rules based on different billing modes, model types, or peak/regular times. The pricing rule will be displayed in the user app to notify the user.

EV pricing

3. User Management

The manager can view all registered members, and view their charging history and membership plan. If necessary, the manager can also switch up or down the user's membership level.

EV subscription

4. Installation Process

This is a tool that guide the electricians installing a EV charger step by step. It also helps owner tracking the whole installation process on the web page.

EV mobile web

5. Membership Management

The manager can send different discount links to customers via SMS. After receiving the link, customer can install the membership discount into their EV app and get free/discount charging sessions.

EV subscription

6. Multi-level Management

This was designed to be customized with different levels of accounts for different types of customers, such as co-branding partners, headquarters, and site owners.

EV account