Smart Scooter Rental

Design scooter rental to make it more eco-friendly and convenient.


2019 Oct - 2019 Dec

My Role

Product Designer


Define Features, UX & UI design



Travelers can rent a motorcycle near the MRT station. We want to bring a sense of stability because there is no need to worry about quality or price and simplify the traditional and cumbersome rental procedures.


We launched the MVP, which will be the first step into the leasing business of our cooperative company. In the future, we expect to expand our business scope, including expanding target users and scenarios.


I worked closely with customers, stakeholders, project manager and engineers. I was responsible for the entire UX and UI design, from defining the festures to deliver the final mockups.


Cooperating companies are more traditional and unfamiliar with digital products, and we need to communicate with them efficiently within a limited time.



The business goal was to help the company we work with to expand the business of electric scooters. We are trying to convey the idea that scooters can be one of the wonderful experiences in travel, and it is also a solution to balance environmental pollution.

Service Blueprint

The overall scooter rental service is not only how users rent a scooter, but also the operation process of maintenance workers and customer service. We discussed and defined a service blueprint with the partner company of the scooter.

Scooter scope


Definition of Users

After the business team decided that the travelers will be the target users, we tried to know the behaviors and pain points of travelers, which allows us to understand and figure out how to make the journey more convenient and find advantages different from traditional scooter rental.

1. After quick interviews, we found some problems with traditional rental, such as fear of unknown prices and complicated leasing procedures.
Scooter Interview
Scooter Persona

2. Journey to Key Features

We discovered user needs from the journey, and after listing the original user journey, we tried to improve the journey and redefine the journey of users who use our products.

Scooter Journey
Goal & Defination

Based on user journeys and assumptions, we believe that travelers want a quick and easy way to rent a scooter. They can upload and verify driving licenses and documents in advance. In this way, they only need to scan the QR code to start riding.


Provide a quick and easy way to rent a scooter, and it's environmentally friendly.

Scooter UI flow
Design Deliverables
Easily Upload Documents

Give clear guidance to help riders upload driver licenses and ID card/passport, and submit them for verification. When the verification has not passed, riders will be blocked to avoid unsafe riding.

Scooter guide

Find a Rental Station or Energy Station

Show the location of the rental station and energy station on the map, and navigate to the station. The priority display site on the map will be determined according to whether the user is riding. For example, the map will show the energy stations by default when user is riding.

Scooter map

Quick and Simple to Ride a Scooter

Users can buy the unlimited plans in advance and just choose the purchased plan or time base plan to start riding. During riding, you can get information about locomotive power, accumulated costs, etc., and you can temporarily stop to exchange batteries.

Scooter riding

Friendly Payment

Due to the complicated billing and discount methods, we allow the user to pay before the next ride. The checkout page clearly explains the use of the discounts and show the price discounted to help the user understand.

Scooter payment

Report Issues

Riding instruction is provided in the app. Users can report issues to us through customer service calls or "Report Issues", making scooter maintenance and monitoring more efficient.

Scooter report